2764【01R+重追証】Impossible to produce 2 mm thick Bronze Bells厚さ2ミリの銅鐸を製造することは人間には無理であった+その証言と証明by Hir

2764【01R+重追証】Impossible to produce 2 mm thick Bronze Bells厚さ2ミリの銅鐸を製造することは人間には無理であった+その証言と証明by Hir

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Common Sense is not Common
Is Dohoko a Sword?
Dotaku, or ancient Bronze Bells in Japan are not bells.
Here is the proof and evidence. How to use “Do-taku” or “Bronze Bells”, or a portable astronomical observation Device
“Dotaku” as Portable Astronomical Observation Device
Dōtaku are Japanese bells melted from relatively thin bronze and richly decorated.
Dotaku were used for about 400 years, between the second century B.C. and the second century C.E., and were nearly only used as decorations for rituals as bells.
I, Hiroshi Hayashi, claim that that they are not bells, but portable astronomical observatory in ancient times in Japan.

Is it possible to hang it in the air?
The Fin of Dotaku seems to thin to hang the bell in the air.
Dotaku, or Bronze Bells, as Portable Astronimical Observation Device.

卑弥呼のカレンダー【解決編(Answer to the Mystery of Dotaku)】

An archaeologist writes as follows:
Dotaku (or Bronze Bell) Ceremonial bronze bells were kept buried in hillside sanctuaries away from everyday village life and were brought out only for use in certain agricultural rituals.
Dotaku and their molds have been mainly found in and around the Kinai (or Kyoto-Osaka) district and the coastal region of the Inland Sea.


Japanese archaeologists, however have insisted claiming Dotaku is a ritual bell, without paying any attention to other possibility.

Is Dotaku a bell, which was used, being suspended in the air to create “Sound”, just like a bell in the western world?
Or is it possible to hang it with a rope in the air?

But this is not the point for today.
The more important thing is that we have to use our own brain to think and draw our own conclusion.
Today’s story is about it.

These are based upon Hiroshi Hayashi’s original ideas. Please keep it in your mind that no one is allowed to reproduce its content for any purpose without my permission and my name.

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